Appliance Demonstrations

Owning Miele is about much more than having the best possible appliances. It’s about enjoying a lifestyle rich in quality – everyday. That’s why we offer a range of demonstrations that bring the Miele experience to life.

Whether you already own a Miele or are looking to select an appliance, there’s an experience to match your needs. All demonstrations are held in the intimate environment of a Miele Center, where a qualified Miele Home Economist will create several dishes, many of them inspired by Shannon Bennett, and each showcasing features of Miele appliances.

As you sit down to appreciate the amazing results, you’ll be able to discuss cooking techniques with the Miele Home Economist and have them answer all of your questions. Book early to secure your seat at one of these exclusive foodie experiences. It’s an interesting take on the humble battery indicator and the kind of visit your URL thing any geek will love to watch


Introductory Demonstrations

To fully appreciate what Miele appliances can bring to your life, you need to experience it for yourself. That's why at our Introductory Demonstrations you can discover the features of an appliance, watch how it'll transform the way you cook, and taste the quality of…

Owner Demonstrations

As a Miele owner, you already know your appliance is capable of producing the best quality food. But do you know how to competently use all of its features? Taking one of our Owner Demonstrations will help you maximise the enjoyment you get from your…


At Miele, we love sharing your passion for quality food and wine. That's why with our MasterClasses, you can enjoy an amazing culinary experience while expanding on your cooking skills. At each MasterClass, an expert will turn premium ingredients into a delicious feast before your…