Introductory Demonstrations

To fully appreciate what Miele appliances can bring to your life, you need to experience it for yourself. That's why at our Introductory Demonstrations you can discover the features of an appliance, watch how it'll transform the way you cook, and taste the quality of food it produces.

In an intimate group setting, a Miele Home Economist will cook for you a series of delicious dishes, many inspired by Shannon Bennett, that showcase the innovative features of a particular Miele appliance.

As you sit down to appreciate the amazing results, you'll have all your questions answered and receive expert advice. You'll leave with a folder of exclusive Miele recipes, a satisfied palate, and the appetite to experience Miele appliances every day of your life.

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Miele Experience

The best way to select Miele appliances is to experience them all. At our Miele Experience Demonstration, you’ll enjoy tantalising dishes, many of them inspired by Miele Ambassador Shannon Bennett, that showcase the innovative features of Miele cooking appliances. With a Miele Home Economist as…

Introduction To Steam

Miele Steam Ovens have always been the ultimate appliances for healthy cooking, but they're also incredibly versatile, capable of a wide range of innovative cooking methods. As a Miele Home Economist, trained by Shannon Bennett, uses Steam and Combi Ovens to achieve incredible baking and…