Introduction To Steam

Miele Steam Ovens have always been the ultimate appliances for healthy cooking, but they're also incredibly versatile, capable of a wide range of innovative cooking methods.

As a Miele Home Economist, trained by Shannon Bennett, uses Steam and Combi Ovens to achieve incredible baking and roasting results, you'll see how steam cooking has been redefined forever.

Discover how different foods can be cooked on three levels at the same time, understand why food doesn't burn or boil in a Miele Steam Oven, and learn the optimal ways to retain vitamins and nutrients.

As you sit down to appreciate the incredible taste and texture of the food, you'll have all your questions answered in an intimate environment.

You'll leave with your eyes (and tastebuds) opened to fresh cooking methods, and the appetite to bring a particular Miele Steam appliance to your life.