Gourmet / Moisture Plus Oven

Want to enjoy soft bread, crispy crusts and tender meats? Through the creation of recipes inspired by Shannon Bennett, a Miele Home Economist will unlock a variety of methods to give your food a delicious, glistening finish.

Using a combination of the Moisture Plus and Fan Plus features, you'll learn to create the perfect concentration of steam around your food – both automatically and manually. Once you’ve discovered this simple and devastatingly effective method, your cooking will reach a new level of tenderness and lightness.

As you sit down to appreciate the amazing results, you’ll have all your questions answered in an intimate environment. You’ll leave with a satisfied palate, some delicious recipes, and the appetite to master your Miele oven at home.

This demonstration is for these appliances:

  • H 4000 B/BP SERIES
  • H 5040 B
  • H 5240 B
  • H 5240 BP
  • H 5241 B
  • H 5241 BP
  • H 5247 B CULINARIO
  • H 5460 B
  • H 5740 B
  • H 5740 BP