Gourmet Steam Oven

Your Miele Steam Oven is much more than the ultimate appliance for healthy cooking. It’s incredibly versatile, capable of a wide range of innovative cooking methods. Watch as a trained Miele Home Economist brings to life recipes inspired by Shannon Bennett using numerous features of your appliance.

You'll learn the best ways to retain vitamins and nutrients, cook vegetables, unlock the secrets to quick and easy sterilization, and discover innovative cooking methods for the perfect roasts, pasta, cakes – and even steaks.

As you sit down to taste the delectable results you’ll have all your questions answered in an intimate environment.

This demonstration is for these appliances:

  • DG 1050
  • DG 1450
  • DG 3460
  • DG 5040
  • DG 5060
  • DG 5061