Induction Cooktop

This demonstration is designed to help you get the very best out of your state-of-the art cooktop, and show how a few simple tips and explanations can really transform the way you cook.

As a Miele Home Economist creates dishes inspired by Shannon Bennett, you’ll see how the automatic heat-up function makes switching from full heat to reduced levels truly effortless.

You’ll learn to effectively use the Residual Heat Indicator (so you’re always aware if a zone is still generating heat). And you’ll become adept at taking full advantage of the extremely short heat up times and instantaneous responses.

As you sit down to appreciate all the delectable dishes, you’ll have all your questions answered in an intimate group environment.

This demonstration is for these appliances:

  • KM 5945 LPT
  • KM 5947
  • KM 5948
  • KM 5955 LPT
  • KM 5975
  • KM 5993 LPT
  • KM 5997
  • KM 6113
  • KM 6312
  • KM 6317
  • KM 6350 LPT
  • KM 6380 LPT
  • KM 6382
  • KM6383