Moisture Plus Oven Elite

Knowing how to competently use a Moisture Plus oven can be the difference between good and great food. By learning the right techniques and some simple rules to follow, you’ll be able to take your cooking to a professional standard.

Watch as a Miele Home Economist masters dishes inspired by Shannon Bennett, perfectly controlling steam levels using the moist plus feature. Learn the simplicity of the automatic cooking programs and roast probe feature, and discover why this is the easiest oven to keep clean in the world.

As you sit down to appreciate the incredible taste and texture of food cooked, you’ll have all your questions answered in an intimate environment.

This demonstration is for these appliances:

  • H 5081 BP
  • H 5461 B
  • H 5461 BP
  • H 5681 BP
  • H 5961 B
  • H 5981 BP