XL CombiSteam Oven

With an XL CombiSteam Oven you can choose from a range of cooking methods to produce healthier, great tasting food. At this demonstration, your eyes (and tastebuds) will be opened to fresh methods of cooking – combining the health and taste benefits of steam cooking with the more traditional Fan Plus feature.

As a Miele Home Economist creates dishes inspired by Shannon Bennett, you'll see that the benefits of steam cooking go well beyond healthy eating. Combined with other features, steam cooking can be used to magnificent effect when baking and roasting. And you'll see how.

As you sit down to appreciate the difference that varying cooking functions, temperatures and moisture levels can make to your food, you'll have all your questions answered in the comfort of a dining.

This demonstration is for these appliances:

  • DGC 5080 XL
  • DGC 5085 XL